Car Battery

Discover Comprehensive Car Battery Replacements Near You

Your car's battery is its beating heart. The battery starts your engine and powers your lights, wipers, windows, and other amenities. Your battery, starter, or charging system may all be at fault if your car won't start.

The battery in today's vehicles is needed for much more than just the starting mechanism; it also powers the onboard systems and accessories.

The introduction of Stop/Start technology by many cars nowadays increases engine fuel economy, placing further demands on battery capacity.

You will return to the road quickly with the complete car battery replacement in Kelso. For our technicians to determine whether the battery or another component causes a starting issue, we will inspect the condition of your car battery and the intensity of charge flowing through the electrical system.

All spent batteries are recycled, and we use authorised environmental partners to dispose of hazardous items properly.

When you choose Bathurst Batteries for your car battery replacement in Bathurst, you are backed by our National Guarantee so that you can leave confidently.

Does my car battery need replacing?

The average car battery lasts three to seven years before needing replacement. But if your car battery starts to show signs of wear, it's essential to have a professional mechanic review it. Here are some reasons mentioned below through which your battery might get low:

. A cautionary light is seen on your car's dashboard: This is frequently the first sign that the battery in your car is dead or getting low. Your battery may run low if the light comes on when you start your car.

. Your car battery won’t accept a charge: If jump-starting doesn't work and you hear frequent clicking sounds instead of your engine starting, you could need a new car battery to get you back on the road.

. Your car battery can’t hold a charge: Jump-starting may only be a temporary solution for the real problem, which is a dead car battery. You run a higher risk of getting stranded if your car frequently needs to be jump-started. Getting a new car battery as soon as feasible would be best.

.Voltmeter readings for your car battery indicate low voltage.

Bring your car to Bathurst Batteries if you’ve seen any of the aforementioned symptoms, and look for car battery service in Eglinton & Kelso.