Battery Accessories

Our Range of Accessories Includes:

A battery doesn’t just work on its own. It is supported by a range of parts and accessories that need to be functioning properly for the battery to do its job. If something has gone wrong with any part in your vehicle’s battery system, we can help.

Battery terminals
Buy Battery Terminals

At Bathurst Batteries, we provide battery terminals for all types of batteries used for various vehicles.

Boxes and Trays
Lithium Battery Box

Our category of battery accessories includes boxes and trays for batteries of all sizes.

secure your battery in place
Buy Battery Mounts

Keep your batteries safe in its places with our wide range of brackets. Visit us today!

Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers for Sale

Batteries without chargers are always incomplete. We cater battery chargers for all sorts of batteries.

Jumper Cables
Jumper Cables for Sale

One of the most essential items to charge the batteries in hard times are jumper cables.

Earth Leads and Joiners
Battery Earth Leads and Joiners

Get earth leads and joiners as your battery’s accessory. Visit us to get more accessories here!